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the red white and blue.

happy america day.

so today i was thinking about america, and americans. and ive decided that, for the most part, i dont like them. i wore a flag shirt today, because i felt it was my duty, as well as everyone else, to sport the red, white and blue. and i suppose this country is pretty grand, you know, so sure, i'll wear the flag shirt, because this country is free, and because it is, of course "the land of opportunities" and blah blah and i do live here, and i do like it and everything.

but the thing is, americans as a whole come off as very conceited. oh, i guess i should say before i start this, that this is just my view and opinion, and if you dont agree or do agree and feel like commenting on my entry, dont criticize me and tell me im wrong and yell at me if you strongly disagree. just say that you strongly disagree, thank you. anyways, i guess i can say this because im from america, and its like how you can hit your sister but if someone else hits your sister well THEN! but honestly, americans seem to me as just so.. shallow. here, its all about the STUFF. yes! we are a rich country, but what do we spend it on? stuff, and entertainment. we must be entertained all the time. boredom is a crime. example: we were at six flags yesterday and it was soooo crowded because, of course, its fourth of july weekend. and whats more american than spending like fifty bucks to stand in line all day, and then watch fireworks. does any other country have fireworks? wow lets spend thousands of dollars on a display of things that blow up. but of course, i do it too. because of course, im american, and this is what i know. youre american. youre too good to be bored, we're better than all the other countries. we're big and mighty so that means we're the hero and we have to save the other countries, and then wave our flag everywhere and expect everyone to love us. if you travel to another country, they should know our language because hello, we're rich, we're free, we're lazy, we're american. blah blah blah. if this is what it means to be american, then i almost wish i was born in mexico. they live in poverty, but they've got their families and they work hard, and they dont have much but are soo happy with what they have and what they know and what they love.

thats all ive got to say, and i could go on for hours, but no-one wants to read anymore of this if theyve gotten this far, because of course, they're americans and hey, im dissing them. /rant.

alright, now lets all go get drunk and spend money.
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