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i've gone from society's baby to society's slave. it all seems so very trivial when you look at it... but the system is all about the details. everyone is trained from the day their born... we have the rules. the one who finishes with the least broken rules wins. but i'm finished being concerned about winning. i guess the only thing is, school sucks enough as it is, i don't want to go to a new one... but fuck wouldn't it be nice if i could just say fuck it all and i could go do what i want. be my own person. fuck these rules, fuck the system, and fuck everyone caught up in it. i could be a fuckin pioneer :) everything is woven so tightly.. if one stitch is defiant, there's a snag, and everything is a little less pretty now.
like i said before... i know that this is the year i've been waiting so long for. only 9 and a half months and i can do whatever i want. but it's ridiculous how much this little amount of time means. it's all the difference between a brave girl seeking life after graduation and a fucking impatient moron. the difference between having a family and being disowned (even if it has nothing to do with the family). the difference between playing the game and being the game. although i don't know which i've been doing. and i think if i go through with this, it'd be neither.

but if i stay until my birthday, i can do the SLC thing...
"mom and dad, i'm 18 and finally i can say FUCK YOU"
i'm in love with that movie :)
i'm stuck
dunno what to do
i know i'd be throwing away a lot
but gaining a lot at the same time.
i just need to think more ..
i bet i know what you're all thinking. that's ok, 'cause the system is wrapped up in you, too (i don't mean the "system" like i'm some psycho talking about the gov't or something... i just mean the system of things, like the rules we all have to follow... so don't think i'm going out of my mind just yet). just consider it. i don't care if you don't agree with me, i just want you to see where i'm coming from. there's still hope for human kind if you haven't been blinded by the system! *does insane laugh and runs away to look for ufo's....*
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