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my 7 to 9

Octavius and Gorgi and I are locked in an invisable shell. only for another 35 minutes. I asked Octavius to change the batteries in my walkman for me... he thought he'd be economical and only change the bad one. turns out he changed the good one. OW LEG CRAMP... [enter stick figure of me with a leg cramp here] So now we're not only stuck, we're stuck without music! *gasp* AND there's a bunch of small frosh around... it's scary. they think they're cool.. makes me giggle. [enter stick figure of me giggling at small stick figure frosh here]
Anyway, Sir Markuston, the purple alligator, showed up for a while. He's not really purple, but we think it sounds better than "the blue alligator." He doesn't mind. He had waffles for breakfast and dripped maple syrup on his pants. I told him that I had a waffle for lunch yesterday.
(the frosh is picking his nose.)
Sir Markuston likes the girl who just sat down at the other table. we said: you silly gator, you like ALLIGATORS, not GIRLS! and he said: no actually that's not true, I dated a crocodile once. And besides, if Octavius can date another guy, why can't i date a human? He had a point there. So Gorgi went over to the girl's table and said: Hey, you see that handsome gator over there? No, the blue one.. yeah. How would you like to date him? She flipped her blonde hair rather disgustedly and said: He'll EAT me! (her voice was kinda squealish). and Sir Markuston said: mmm you bet your sweet ass I will, baby! and we were all rather embarrassed. Gorgi apologized and sat back down with us. We all felt bad (well, Sir Markuston was laughing), but I saw her look over a few times and i honestly think she was turned on.
Anyway, after that Octavius and Gorgi wanted to play swords. I said: dudes, the shell is INVISABLE, you can't play here. Sir Markuston said he'd beat them both anyway (no pun intended), but we said: you don't play with your tail, Sir Markuston. and he said: I know. And we laughed.
Then Shannen stopped in and we talked for about thirty seconds. Then she left and everyone said: ooooh. They think i have a crush on her, but i just think she's attractive.
Then Dr. White came in and we pointed her out to Sir Markuston 'cause he's never seen her. He got up and said: excuse me, Mrs. White? and she said: I did not attend evil medical school for seven years to be called "Mrs." and so he said: sorry. DOCTOR White? can I eat you? And she thought it sounded kinky so she lied down on a table and Sir Markuston swallowed her in one gulp! it was so cool! so no more principal. Then Olsen walked in (he saw the whole thing) and screamed: What have you done, you monster!? you ATE my homosexual lover!! And he ran away crying. That's right, folks! Our principal is really a MAN! Shocking? No, didn't really surprise me, either.
And now I've written too much and my hand hurts, so I'll continue the saga at a later date. like third period. [enter stick figures of the four of us waving goodbye here]
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