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poetry reading. *grabs the mic*

-The Beaten Weep-

who could hit a pretty girl
who does much less than smile
she has a bounce and wears a curl
she falls just once in a while
she grew up to have a mind
oh what a fatal spell
she up and left it all behind
for it suited her well
she came back for just one day
to leave if he would hit again
but evil things have a way
to ensure they always win
first a slap and then a slug
he caused the blood to run
it dripped onto and stained the rug
he beat till he was done
her mother always did believe
that it was all a lie
and it would all up and leave
every time she closed her eyes
but as she laid her baby down
in the ground to sleep
she opened up to the sound
of the beaten weep

..doesn't it get boring with only me posting here?..
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